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Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Staly, Republican, for Flagler County Sheriff
Honest. Experienced. Leadership.
Endorsed by the NRA

"When you examine Rick Staly’s impressive resume, it becomes clear that he has the credentials, the leadership skills, and the training and experience necessary to lead our Sheriff’s Department. It is my pleasure to endorse Rick for Flagler County Sheriff."
- Mayor Jon Netts, City of Palm Coast

"Rick brings a depth of knowledge, experience and ability to lead this agency moving forward.   I look forward to working with him to ensure our community remains safe."
- Mayor-elect Milissa Holland, City of Palm Coast

“Rick Staly is a law enforcement professional we can trust.  He will keep our community safe and uphold the integrity of the office of Sheriff.”
-Paul Renner, State Representative

“Today, we live in a world of corruption and social decay. Finding honor among those we vote for has become lost in mudslinging and extreme negativity. Indeed, experience without integrity is meaningless. That's why it gives me great pleasure to endorse Rick Staly for Flagler County Sheriff; he has both experience and integrity!  Furthermore, Rick Staly will keep his oath to defend and preserve the U. S. Constitution and thus, protect your liberty! This is truly a candidate who has the entire package; experience, integrity, and a commitment to liberty!  This election vote for America; vote for Rick Staly for Flagler County Sheriff.”
-Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association

“Rick Staly is a highly qualified, professional law enforcement officer who has proudly served and protected his community for over 40 years.  Rick has the right leadership experience and integrity needed to serve as Sheriff of Flagler County!!"
-Sheriff Wayne Ivey
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

“Rick Staly has a proven record of law enforcement leadership.  Rick is honest, experienced, and will be an effective Sheriff we can count on!”
-Senator Travis Hutson

“Rick Staly has demonstrated principled leadership, ethical standards, and personal accountability.”
-Chief Jim Murphey
Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Retired)

“Rick Staly has always been a true professional, ethical, and community minded.”
-Chief Doug Muldoon
Past President, FBI National Academy Associates

“Rick Staly has been a real, gun-toting, arrest-making, professional Florida law enforcement officer for 40 Years.”
-Commander Russ Cormican
Daytona Beach Police Department (Retired)

“Rick Staly is a man of profound integrity who is both a proven leader and innovator in the Florida Law Enforcement Community.”
-Commander Jack Bisland
Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)

“During Ricks tenure as Undersheriff in Flagler County I was impressed with how he cared about the agency's employees and the community in which we live and serve. Rick always maintained his personal ethics and displayed fairness while working alongside Agency employees”
-Commander Bob Weber
Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)

“Rick Staly has dedicated his life to the highest ideals of law enforcement. His desire to become Sheriff is driven by his wish to make a difference for his community.”
-Dr. Neal Trautman
Director, National Institute of Ethics

“Rick Staly possesses the experience and leadership to lead the Flagler County Sherriff’s Office. I wholeheartedly endorse and support Rick Staly for Sherriff of Flagler County.
-Lloyd Freckleton
Colonel, United States Army Military Police Corps (Retired)
Warden, New York City Department of Corrections (Retired)

“Rick Staly has the talent, ability, preparation and professional experience to provide outstanding leadership to any law enforcement organization.”
-Dr. William Walsh
Former Director, Southern Police Institute

“As the Flagler County Undersheriff, Rick Staly implemented many new programs: a dedicated internal CSI unit, a safe neighborhood program, and a fugitive unit.  He has my support and vote to make Flagler County an even safer place to live and work.”
-Charles Ericksen
Flagler County Commissioner, District 1

“I have worked with many law enforcement professionals over the years, but Rick Staly always stood out in the crowd. Rick is a consummate professional.  It is my esteemed honor to recommend a true tested law enforcement executive, successful businessman, and friend to the citizens of Flagler County, Rick Staly for Sheriff.”
-Sheriff Jon Lane
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)

“It is without reservation I recommend and endorse Rick Staly as the next Sheriff of Flagler County.  He will serve with honor and distinction.”
-Chief Frank Ross
Past President, Florida Police Chief’s Association (Retired)

“Rick Staly has demonstrated the character to lead by example, earning the respect of those he leads.  He will earn your trust, your confidence, and protect the title of Sheriff.”
-Colonel David Dees
Florida Department of Transportation (Retired) 

“Rick Staly is an experienced law enforcement officer with over forty years of selfless service to his community and has a proven track record of success.”
-Chief Paul Grohowski
Adams State University Police Department